Capital Asset Recovery, LLC (“CAR”) was formed in 2001 by Dan Boeckman who saw an opportunity and a need for streamlining the bankrupt automobile loan business. By using a combination of proprietary computer modeling and a hands-on approach to debtors CAR has been successful in efficiently working chapter 7 and chapter 13 automobile loans. CAR has bought both large and small portfolios (as few as 3) of bankrupt automobile loans from both large banks and buy-here/pay here lots, demonstrating to the sellers, that because of CAR’s unique business plan and operations, CAR can pay top dollar for automobile loans. Our ability to aggressively pay for loan portfolios has allowed the sellers to maximize their returns on a languishing bankrupt portfolio while increasing cash flow. Many sellers have recognized that it makes good business sense to sell to CAR, realizing substantial up-front cash, rather than working the loans themselves. CAR's purchases have also allowed car dealers to more efficiently manage their lines of credit and good loan portfolios while limiting their legal liability and legal costs.


CAR has a large line of credit that allows it to respond quickly and efficiently to all sized-sellers. With a seasoned staff, CAR prides itself in being able to bid on a portfolio of loans within two days once the necessary information is in house.  Payment for portfolios generally occurs within two days of negotiating a price.

For further information about the company or to submit a portfolio for pricing, please contact us.