Sell your Chapter 13 Bankrupt Auto Loans

Capital Asset Recovery, LLC (“CAR”) offers the opportunity to sell these unproductive assets at an attractive price. The seller benefits from immediate cash flow and mitigates the risks and costs associated with bankruptcy collections.


The Problem: Bankrupt Auto Loans are Unproductive Assets

  • Loss Exposure – Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankrupt auto loans result in credit losses and reduced cash flow
  • High Costs – the cumbersome bankruptcy process results in high and unpredictable collection costs
  • Low Recovery – High collection costs combined with rapidly depreciating collateral results in low recoveries

The Solution: A chance to sell unproductive assets at an attractive price

  • CAR will purchase Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankrupt loans from your existing portfolio, and if desired, will buy your bankrupt loans on an ongoing basis
  • CAR has optimized the collection of bankrupt loans by blending state-of-the-art proprietary automated collection system with the proper amount of hands-on loan servicing, resulting in more efficient collections, and a higher price to the seller
  • Immediate Cash Flow – Seller realizes immediate cash flow from the sale
  • Bottom Line – Higher recovery and certainty of results

The Benefits: Certainty of timing and amount of cash realization

  • Higher and faster cash flow
  • Lower credit loss exposure to bankrupt borrower and depreciating collateral
  • Eliminate exposure to costly bankruptcy legal process
  • CAR has a history of executing simple, efficient and timely loan portfolio acquisitions. All of CAR’s loan underwriting is done up-front and very quickly, which results in a clean, as-is purchase. There are no lingering seller guarantees or buy-back obligations.
  • Dead loans become cash that can be reinvested in new loans at high yields

CAR LLC is known for its ability to close quickly. All we need is a few pieces of information and we can get a quote to you within 48 hours.